This blog is really an outlet for my insatiable itch to write and discuss topics that I find interesting; most of which, as of late, center around Women’s issues. As a woman born in North America, I can consider myself amongst the lucky minority of women who has experienced very little direct sexism, or personal cases of inequality next to men.

That being said I am a well informed individual who keeps up with the latest news here, and around the world, and I am consistently appalled by the mistreatment of women – everywhere.

But before you read this and think that this blog is a dedicated Man-hating site, it is not.

Gender equality was reached not only by the heroic efforts of women and their push to accept nothing short of the same rights and privleges that men recieved, but by heroic Men involved as well, and their shared belief that a better society is only reached when all of its inhabitants can live peacefully and equally amongst one another.

This blog is not always going to be serious, though it will certainly contain touchy, topical discussions about serious issues. Each entry will give its best to have humor alongside insight, unless I feel that the subject is such that humor would only add unnecessary offense.

As for myself, I am a twenty-something girl living in Toronto who is addicted to reading, writing, and reddit-ing.


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