I had a rather funny moment yesterday evening when I walked in on my boyfriend changing in front of our second story bedroom window. It was dark out and all of the lights in our bedroom were on and shining brightly.

Read: everyone on the street, who has eyes, can see your penis. 

I told him to get out of view from the street so that no one would see him, and chastised him for his double standards; he is always bugging me about changing with my blinds up, even though I only ever do it during the day, and am almost always far enough from the window itself to ever be seen from the street.

He replied that it was different for him; no one cares to see him naked, and no one would stick around to creep on him.

Really, you don’t say…

What was really humorous to me is that he thought I was concerned about someone creeping on him while he stood naked and vulnerable in the window. That was not exactly my concern. But this is the difference between men and women’s reactions to unexpected nudity: while he is concerned that some sicko is sitting in the bushes touching himself to me, a justified concern, I am generally more worried for anyone in the community who might have inadvertently caught a glimpse of his dick.

For the most part, when a woman see’s another woman naked, assuming she’s not super repressed or ultra conservative, it’s not really a big deal. I rarely think twice when I see a woman naked in the change room at work, or witness a bikini slip up at the beach, or see T&A in every movie ever made that isn’t rated PG, for that matter. Women’s bodies really are beautiful to look at for both men and women, straight or otherwise. And when a man gets the chance to peep at an attractive girl’s birthday suit, whether he knows her or not, it’s a fat chance he’s going to immediately avert his eyes.

The majority of women, however, do not reciprocate the same feelings towards male nudity, nor do men themselves, when confronted with full frontal. While I am straight, and I personally have no distaste for nudity in general, I can’t say that the sight of a penis has ever really done anything for me, if you know what I mean. Especially the unexpected sight of some, unknown, penis.

So, to say the least, my boyfriend and I have come up with an agreement: for my own personal safety, and for his  ease of mind, I will be making a serious effort to close the blinds when I change. As for me, and, more importantly, for the respect of unsuspecting neighbors all along our street, he will also not be changing in front of our bedroom window.

Dear Neighbors,


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