The worlds richest artist, Damien Hirst has unveiled his latest piece, on loan to the city for the next 20 years, in Ilfracombe, England.The 20ft. tall statue, aptly named Verity, is of a woman who appears to be marching into a battle of sorts; standing tall, determined, and holding a sword high in the air. But what is really interesting is the artists portrayal of the woman, who is close to full-term in her pregnancy, as partially exposed. While the statue is entirely naked, there is further exposure on one half of the statue that shows the inner workings of the female anatomy in all of its glory.

The Statue has naturally come with mixed reviews…

Enter the moralists! Some are saying that it is appalling, offensive, grotesque, and, naturally, immoral!  My new favorite word.

But is the female anatomy really that offensive? Pretty sure we’ve been staring at David’s Dick for quite some time now…

I’m impressed by the statue, I think it is a fantastic addition to the seaside of Ilfracombe, England. To me, the statue represents how strong a woman’s body is, and how much it can withstand, endure, and overcome in the face of threat, pain, and injury. Not to mention that Hirst has managed to do all this while still making it, on one side anyways, a pretty attractive woman.

Let me know what you think of the statue.


2 thoughts on “No Worse than David’s Dick

  1. Personally I don’t like the statue. I don’t really get ‘art’ and I think that’s fairly ugly. However, I don’t see anything immoral in the statue or a woman’s body.

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